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Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:Virginia, United States of America

about me

24-year old who only wants out of life a good job, a house, and a few dogs and is finding out that achieving that dream is way harder than it has a right to be.

Currently Reading:

Fool Moon - Jim Butcher
Live to Tell - Lisa Gardner
Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain
Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth - Grant Morrison/Dave McKean

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adele, america's test kitchen, angelina jolie, anna tsuchiya, art, asian cinema, autumn, baking, battle royale, bento, bitching, books, buddhism, chiaki kuriyama, chocolate, cirque du soleil, contortion, cook's country, cook's illustrated, cooking, culinary arts, dave matthews band, documentaries, dogs, edgar allan poe, europe, fall, feminism, food, forensic psychology, forensic science, france, french, gong li, good eats, gymnastics, harry potter, hiroki narimiya, ice cream, ikebana, ireland, irish gaelic, iron chef, italy, j-drama, j-pop, japan, japanese, japanese cinema, japanese culture, japanese film, japanese history, kill bill, knowledge, korea, kou shibasaki, law & order: svu, liberalism, lisa gardner, looney tunes, maori, maori language, masanobu ando, miho shiraishi, mika nakashima, movies, music, mythology, nana, national geographic, nature, nora roberts, northern virginia, novels, phantom of the opera, photography, pizza, pocky, politics, pro-choice, profiling, psychology, quentin tarantino, ranting, reading, rocky horror picture show, romance novels, salvador dali, sarcasm, satoshi tsumabuki, shintoism, sin city, sleep, snowboarding, solitude, supernatural, sushi, suspense, takashi miike, the food network, the simpsons, the sims, tori amos, traveling, true crime, uma thurman, uncw, wilmington, writing, xbox, ナナ, ベッキー, 中島美嘉, 土屋アンナ, 塚本高史, 妻夫木聡, 安藤政信, 巩俐, 成宮寛貴, 日本, 日本語, 柴咲コウ, 栗山千明, 生け花, 白石美帆, 藤原竜也, 문근영, 임수정
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